Kehinde Wiley: An Archaeology of Silence | The Museum of Fine Arts, Houston

“This work being in Houston is an opportunity to see my paintings and sculptures in a completely new dynamic, to see it in a different part of America, and also see an amazing curatorial staff presenting it in a way that’s new, fresh, and exciting.” —Kehinde Wiley 

The Museum of Fine Arts, Houston showcases Kehinde Wiley’s newest works. Featuring a monumental body of work, Kehinde portrays Black and Brown individuals in repose and surrounded by vibrant colors. Through his work, Kehinde confronts the silence surrounding systemic violence and injustice, 

As Kehinde told MFAH, “That is the archaeology I am unearthing: The specter of police violence and state control over the bodies of young Black and Brown people all over the world.”

Exhibition closing date: May 27th, 2024


See The Museum of Fine Arts, Houston for more details. 

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