Philip Govedare: Under The Sky | Winston Wächter Fine Art Seattle

Philip Govedare’s new collection, Under The Sky, continues his investigation of landscapes shaped by human activity, transforming agricultural fields, quarries, and stormy horizons into imaginative settings. These scenes, seemingly viewed from a distant airplane, present slightly abstracted perspectives that depict layers of human practices and impressions on the land. Roads and waterways cut through expansive fields of dusty greens and chalky limestone formations. Govedare’s paintings integrate angular, evolving components to illustrate the combined effects of natural forces and human influence on Earth.

“My paintings are not based on actual images, but rather a composite of places I have seen and experienced over time. They combine aspects of observation, memory, and imagination. My imagery is not preconceived but found through the process of painting. The outcome of my process is always unexpected, and therefore revelatory.” — Philip Govedare

Exhibition Dates: June 26 - August 17, 2024

Location: 203 Dexter Ave, Seattle, WA 98109

See the Winston Wächter Fine Art Seattle for more details.

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