Brian Zamora: Sculpted Light | Luckman Gallery, Cal State LA

Sculpted Light merges architectural design, lighting engineering, and contemporary art into an immersive experience centered on light, color, and form. Zamora presents distinct bodies of work like Color Wheel, New Lighting Devices, and the premiere of Flowers for Euclid. At the exhibition's entrance, visitors encounter Zamora's interpretation of the traditional color wheel, transformed into a glowing architectural structure. Inside, they are enveloped in a spectrum of shifting hues, revealing the complex relationships between colors. Additionally, earlier works like New Lighting Devices, known for their intriguing optical illusions, are showcased. However, the highlight is Zamora's latest series, Flowers for Euclid, where Euclidean geometry meets organic floral motifs, creating a dynamic tableau of form and color.

Exhibition Dates: May 29 - August 19, 2024

Location: 5151 State University Drive, Los Angeles, CA, 90032

See the Luckman Gallery for more details.



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