Georgia O’Keeffe: “My New Yorks” | The Art Institute of Chicago


Georgia O’Keeffe, known for her floral and Southwestern scenery, delved into New York City’s urban landscape in the 1920s. Moving to the newly constructed Shelton Hotel, she found inspiration in its towering heights, leading to a five-year period of artistic exploration. From ground-level views to high-rise perspectives from her 30th-floor apartment, O’Keeffe captured the city's essence, blending natural and man-made elements. Her series, dubbed “my New Yorks,” showcases her experimentation with form and perspective. This exhibition marks the first comprehensive exploration of O’Keeffe’s urban artworks from this period, placing them within the broader context of her oeuvre from the 1920s and early 1930s.

Exhibition Dates: June 2 - September 22, 2024

Location: 159 East Monroe Street, Chicago, IL 60603

See the Art Institute of Chicago for more details. 



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