Engeline Logtenberg

Having spent her formative years in the idyllic countryside of Western Europe, Engeline draws upon significant autobiographical subjects and personal memories for her figurative compositions. She uses a painterly style, and pays homage to the realistic rendering of light from the Dutch masters to depict her memories and the atmosphere of objects, activities and spaces. Engeline often returns to floral and still life subjects, capturing their essence through intimate and contemplative renderings. Shop a collection of abstract landscapes, botanicals, and still life from Contemporary artist Engeline Logtenberg.

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      about the artist

      Born in Luxembourg City and raised in Oberdonven in the Mosel region, a small farming community know for its vineyards, Engeline grew up with a profound appreciation and respect for the natural world. Her paintings today are created within the context of the environment of her childhood, capturing the purity of nature, and yet, the brevity of it. Engeline is an autodidactic painter inspired by the Old Masters with a particular interest in the Northern Renaissance period, which focused on genres such as landscapes, flower paintings, and still lifes. As she concentrates detail on a single flower in the foreground, attending to the details of texture, and using realistic colors and light effects, we are reminded of both the beauty of the natural world and its impermanence.

      Her subject is never wilted or dry, and for this moment the viewer enjoys an ideal specimen. The subject is the representation of a world without decay or pollution as it presents a heightened sense of depth and dimension in the foreground; the background remains almost invisible. This conscious use of color and contrast mimics what our eyes naturally do when we focus on an object, the focal point is clear and detailed while the background fades into the periphery.