Kelly Dillard

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      About The Artist

      Kelly Dillard is an accomplished abstract expressionist artist whose work transcends the conventional boundaries of nature representation. Rather than capturing the literal essence of the natural world, Dillard intuitively channels its spirit, infusing her canvases with a dynamic interplay of emotions and atmospheres. Her artistic approach invites viewers to construct personal narratives through her abstract forms.

      Dillard's paintings exemplify her mastery in balancing opposing forces. She adeptly manipulates color, texture, and form to create compositions that oscillate between tension and tranquility, stillness and vitality, audacity and serenity. This dual symbolic energy is a hallmark of her oeuvre, offering a visual experience that is both intellectually stimulating and emotionally resonant.

      Her work is characterized by a sophisticated use of color and gestural brushstrokes, which together create a sense of movement and depth. Dillard's art has garnered international acclaim, with pieces housed in private collections across the globe and throughout the United States.