Allison Clements

Allison is fearless in her use of color, employing a bold palette and hand-painted hard-edges, creating a symphony of form and structure. Each brushstroke leaves a tactile quality that invites the viewer to engage in a world of vivid emotion, and into the heart of color and form.

      9 artworks
      abstract bird painting
      Abstract and colorful bird painting
      cool grey and blue floral painting
      Colorful abstract botanical artwork.

      About the artist

      Allison Clements received her BFA from Ohio University and a Masters in Art Education from the University of Toledo. She studied art in Prague, Czech Republic,and has taught painting and drawing at Toledo School for the Arts as well as classes at the Toledo Museum of Art.

      After initial success as a painter and placing original work and commissions in various collections, Allison focused on raising her family and her career as a painter waned. Using the Covid 19 pandemic as a time to reconsider her path as an artist, she began again to focus on making art. The Perception series is the product of this time spent rekindling her passion for making art and the joy she has found again in sharing her work with others.

      The “mindscapes” of this series deal with rediscovering the artist within, the harmony of finding clarity of mind, and the exploration of becoming more acutely aware of her own senses and intuition. The result is an image that Allison hopes will illicit connection and empathy in the viewer.