Easy Step by Step Art Installation Using D-rings

When it comes to hanging artwork or other decorative items, our top recommendation for hardware is D-rings. While picture wire may seem like an easier option for installation, it doesn't match up to the stability and even weight distribution that D-rings provide. With two D-rings screwed into the back of the frame on both sides, you get two points of contact with the wall. This ensures a more secure and stable hanging solution, preventing any tilting or falling of your precious artwork.

D-rings are perfect for hanging multiple frames together, like a grid or gallery wall layout, as they allow for precise alignment. Plus, when you hang your art with D-rings, you'll achieve a cleaner aesthetic. They let the artwork lay flat against the wall, giving it a slim profile.

And here's another advantage: D-rings offer a higher weight capacity compared to picture wire. So, you can confidently hang even heavier pieces without any worries.

To make your installation process a breeze, we've put together a step-by-step guide that will turn you into an installation pro.

Step 1.Modern farmhouse interior For the perfect placement, find the visual center of your space.

(For a 24"H x 30"W horizontal artwork, we chose 60". The standard visual center is 56" - 58")

vertical center installation

Step 2: Mark the vertical center point of your artwork.

(This point will align with your visual center. The vertical center point of our artwork is at 12")

measure distanceStep 3: Measure and note the distance between the top of the artwork and D-ring.

(We placed our D-rings 4" down from the top)

measure the spread

Step 4: Measure and note the spread between the D-rings.

(The spread for our artwork is 29 3/4")






Step 5: Markmeasuring the center point of the wall the center point of the wall (if you prefer your artwork to be centered with the wall) Next, mark the visual center determined in step 1 on the wall. 

(60" from the floor)





Step 6: Fmeasuring for art installationrom the point in step 5, account for the distance between the top of the artwork and D-ring found in Step 3 and mark this point. 

(We marked a point 7" above the visual center point on the wall: 12" (the vertical center point of the artwork - 4" (the distance between the top of the artwork and d-ring) = 7")




Step 7: Mark half the spread of tmarking the spreadhe D-rings on each side of the mark made in step 6.

(Our spread is 29 3/4" so we made a mark at 14 7/8" on each side)





 Step 8: Use a level to balance your marks and attach screws at each point.

level anchor pointsdrilling for art installation







 Step 9: Hang your artwork! 

art installation


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