Art advisory

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For Hospitality, Corporate, Retail, and Private Collections
Phase 1


Whether you have a clear vision or are just beginning your art collecting journey, we're here to guide you. This initial phase tailors the process to your specific needs. We'll discuss your desired artwork or artists, determine ideal placement for pieces within your space, and establish a budget and timeline. We work with collectors all over the world, offering both in-person consultations for local clients and digital solutions for remote collaboration.



Leveraging our extensive network of artists, gallerists, and industry professionals, we identify potential artworks and present these options to you in a curated digital preview. Through a collaborative dialogue, we'll refine the selections until the collection aligns with your vision.

Phase 3


Once you've made your final selection, we'll assist you through the acquisition process, whether it's a purchase or a commission. Our comprehensive service extends to custom framing, delivery, and installation of the artwork, partnering with a trusted network of conservation framers, art handlers, and installation specialists. We can even assist you in designing the ideal lighting solution to best showcase your new acquisition.

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