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The concept for Artly International developed after years of working with the traditional gallery model as well as larger online art platforms. The art world is constantly evolving; traditional gallery models do not always keep up with the changing landscape with respect to both the artist and collector. The internet and e-commerce have exponentially changed the landscape of art marketing and art collecting. This also brings challenges for the artist and collector to overcome. Namely, how can the artist stand out among a crowd of millions and how can the collector not become overwhelmed by the same?

For the artist, in addition to facing the challenge of name recognition, most online art galleries such as Artsy, Singulart, Fine Art America, and Saatchi Art require artists to upload their works, write their own content, and maintain their page. The artist then relies largely on the sites on which they’ve created a page to get their work in front of collectors, but that certainly does not guarantee a collector will find their work on the site. With thousands of artists and even more works on these sites it’s easy to get lost in the mix.

For the collector, the sheer volume of works on these sites can be daunting (and quite time-consuming) to scroll through. As a lover of fine art, I don’t believe art was meant to be given a fraction of a second’s glance and then passed over unconsidered.

The vision for Artly International is to cut through the noise among online art galleries to provide the art collector with fine art from an exclusive group of established and emerging contemporary artists working within a range of media and styles. We have fused the best of a traditional gallery with the best of an online art gallery. We look for artists with a distinct voice, those who have demonstrated mastery of material, and who are dedicated to their disciplines and the arts so the collector can be confident in the quality and enduring value of their purchase.

At Artly International, we believe arts and culture fill a particular role that benefits society. Because of this belief, we strive to be a presence in the online arts and culture community that, along with exhibiting fine, original artworks, is committed to arts appreciation and education. Artist Makoto Fujimura aptly phrases it, “Think of the arts and other cultural enterprises as rivers that water the soil of culture.” We aim to use our platform to enhance arts and culture appreciation through The Journal, where we keep you updated with relevant news from the art industry and write about a range of topics including art education, art history, and the modern art market.

Artly International works consistently and constantly to put our years of marketing experience and art knowledge to work for the artists, art patrons, and collectors we serve.


Trish Howell, Founder

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