Sculpting Narratives: Fred Poisson's Contemporary Sculpture

New York-based artist Fred Poisson introduces a refreshing and innovative dimension to the contemporary art scene. His luminous palette and inventive methodologies mark an intersection where materiality and innovative processes converge, injecting a fresh narrative into minimalism and abstraction.

Poisson's approach to his practice is marked by a meticulous choice, and handling of materials. The utilization of heavyweight watercolor paper mounted on tondo cut aluminum composite material (ACM) board is a deliberate act, blending the weight and texture of paper with the structural integrity of ACM. This material dynamic creates a sculptural quality that not only challenges expectations but adds an exciting quality of dimension and depth to his works. The sculptural space becomes an integral part of the narrative, daring you to look from all angles.

Poisson's contribution to contemporary art extends into preservation through innovative varnishing techniques. Conventional methods, weighing down the natural fibers and dulling the dynamic experience of his artwork, prompted him to explore unconventional avenues. The result is not just preservation but a celebration of the inherent qualities of his chosen materials—a meticulous dance between tradition and innovation and a testament to his careful attention to detail. This pioneering approach preserves the integrity of the sculptural piece, ensuring that the varnish becomes a harmonious complement rather than a burdensome addition.

An exploration of equal significance unfolds through his artful manipulation of wood block cubes. Aligning with Poisson’s natural affinity for luminosity, color takes center stage in Poisson's sculptures. The wood block cubes serve as a canvas for a calculated exploration of surprisingly intense gradients that defies expectations. The mastery in Poisson's work lies in the juxtaposition of strength in the substrate and the ethereal softness inherent in his application and use of color. This interplay speaks to Poisson's ability to harmonize contrasting elements, offering viewers an experience that resonates with both strength and subtlety.

Fred Poisson's Resonant Cubes

Fred Poisson’s work, driven by a minimalist ethos, is a collaboration with natural forces, a fusion of art and science, as he experiments with traditional and unconventional materials born of a desire to do something new with pigment and surface. Poisson’s effortless blending techniques fuse the pigments so naturally that they could be mistaken for a snapshot of the earth, or even the cosmos.

As a young artist, Fred Poisson studied with the Swiss artist Claude Saucy, who was himself a student of Max Bill and the Bauhaus school. Poisson has experienced life among diverse cultures, having lived on four continents and in the South Pacific. He currently lives and works in New York City after many years as a Block Island, Rhode Island, resident. In 1992 Poisson received a BFA in painting from Rhode Island School of Design.


To view Fred Poisson's available work visit FRED POISSON.

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(Image 1. Fred Poisson. Untitled #8.5.21. Watercolor on paper mounted to ACM panel. 26" Tondo. Image 2. Resonant Cubes, #9.13.23. Solid wood block painted with acrylic polyurethane & 2K top coat. 4"H x 4"W x 4"D each.)

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