The Floating World: Masterpieces of Edo Japan | Blanton Museum of Art

For the very first time, the Worcester Art Museum is touring its renowned collection of Japanese artworks. Over 130 woodblock prints and painted scrolls will be on view at the Blanton Museum of Art. These works were created during Japan’s Edo period  (1603–1868), which is considered to be one of history’s most innovative creative eras. After centuries of war, this period of Japanese history was a time of peace. As major cities grew economically and harmoniously with each other, the new metropolitan melting pot was known as ukiyo, or “floating world.” Many artists created during this time, depicting the “floating world” with prints and paintings of landscapes, samurais, geishas, parties and palaces. 

Exhibition Dates: February 11th - June 30th, 2024

Location: 200 E. Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd., Austin, TX 78712

See Blanton Museum of Art for more details. 

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