Glen Wilbert

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      Big Ben

      About the artist

      Glen Wilbert is an award-winning amateur photographer whose work has recently been featured as a finalist in the "COLORS" and "OPEN CALL" Life Framers juried photography competitions . His photographs have also recently been selected for "Honorable Mention" in three separate categories for the juried 2023 Minimalist Photography Awards. He has won selection for display in the Exhibition Gallery for the juried exhibition "Colors" at the PhotoPlace Gallery in Middlebury, VT. Glen draws inspiration from the peripatetic works of Robert Frank, Lee Friedlander, and Stephen Shore - fresh eyes on old places. He is drawn to minimalism and pop art, particularly influential to him are Piet Mondrian, Ed Ruscha, and David Hockney.  His recent photograph "Lifeguard Camp Broadway Boogie Woogie" is one example of a combination of these influences in which Glen imagines Mondrian's "Broadway Boogie Woogie" leaving New York City for a California vacation. This artistic pursuit is a welcome relief to his profession as a radiologist where he has, "spent a lifetime analyzing medical images for any signs of pathology. It allows me to replace my search for what is wrong for a search for what is right."