Christina David

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      Artist Statement

      My work explores the concept of absence and its relationship to the remaining form. I create minimalist paintings that investigate the way context, shape, color, and perception are intricately intertwined. Much of my work is focused on creating a sense of order and balance among irregularity.

      Rather than a traditional canvas, my paintings are composed on custom-built, stacked plywood forms. These function as more than mere support; they become an integral part of the artwork, forming both the base and the sides, and designed to be experienced from all angles. The resulting structure takes on a sculptural quality, further emphasized by its installation slightly off the wall. This creates a space between the artwork and the wall, revealing a colored "glow" that dynamically changes with the ambient light. In this way, the artwork becomes a responsive element within its environment, blurring the lines between painting and sculpture, and incorporating the space itself into the composition.

      The stacked plywood forms are then painted with several layers of richly textured, monochromatic fields of color. Within these fields, shapes or forms are positioned that either echo or complement the overall form of the artwork. The work is a celebration of materials which contribute to a sense of hand-crafted immediacy.