Upcoming Exhibition: J. Peeler Howell Fine Art

Mark your calendars for June 15th as J. Peeler Howell Fine Art hosts the opening reception for "Wild Thyme," a vibrant exhibition showcasing the works of five exceptional women artists. This exciting opening reception, held from 6:00 to 8:00 PM, promises an engaging exploration of identity and experience.

Fresh voices grace the gallery walls, each artist a new addition to J. Peeler Howell Fine Art. Hailing from South Africa, the Philippines, Texas, and the Atlantic Coast, they bring with them a rich tapestry of cultural influences. Their distinct visual languages - a symphony of colors and techniques - come together in a harmonious dialogue.

Nature, self-discovery, cosmopolitan travel, and childhood anecdotes weave a compelling narrative through the exhibition. Each artist is sophisticated, elegant, and profoundly interesting, and J. Peeler Howell Fine Art is more than proud to present Sharon McCall, Victoria Peloubet, Dawn Waters Baker, Diane Walker-Gladney, and Amy Kelly.

Location: J. Peeler Howell Fine Art | 3521 Locke Avenue Fort Worth, TX 76107

When: Opening Reception | Saturday, June 15th 6:00 - 8:00 PM


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